Episode 18: Gentle Rubbing

October 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk about creativity as self-care or as stress, our favorite pens, and Kayte almost arm-wrestles Rosie for jumping in on a potential project take-over.

Rosie finished the Peacock Shawl!! YAY!! She is now working on Mercenary Gauntlets using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in the Temptation colorway.
Amelia is crocheting baby blankets and is very sad about that.
Kayte worked on her portion of the round-robin Daybreak Shawl and is passing it along to Rosie.

Also mentioned:
Knit Picks
Blocking (tips)
Hue Shift Afghan
Subversive Cross Stitch
Tul pens
Energel pens (Kayte uses the Deluxe kind)
Staedtler pens
Bullet Journal
Brené Brown


Episode 17: The Foodening

September 1, 2016

(Trigger warning: this podcast discusses food, including food issues, which may be triggering to some listeners).

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles we talk about food as art, food as craft, and food as a pain in the ass.

Rosie is almost finished with the Peacock Shawl (40 rows away from the end!).
Amelia finished her part of a round robin of the Daybreak shawl and is contemplating the Hue Shift Afghan as a next project.
Kayte is working on finishing some crochet blankets for a friend and will eventually re-swatch for the Margot Sweater.

Also mentioned:
Stitch Jones - Sharon Spence
Mitt Envy
Knotty gloves
Jared Flood
Stephen West
Knit Picks
Marble Chunky
Ten Stitch Afghan (rectangular and round)
Pop blanket
Lion Brand Pound of Love
Zephyr DK
Sharon Kay Penman
Diana Gabaldon
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Gordon Ramsay
Hell's Kitchen
Great British Bakeoff (and Sue Perkins)
Plan to Eat
Bento boxes


Episode 16: Get Right Up on Top of It

August 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we discuss habits, organization, and the wondrousness of the Bullet Journal (BuJo or BJ for short).

Amelia made an N7 hat for a friend and is mad at the second sock from Episode 1, My Cup of Tea Socks in Wicked Witch.
Rosie is working away on the Peacock Shawl which has become a bazillion stitches across and has been cross-stitching tea towels.
Kayte has plans to complete the piggies soon, and has plans to cast on the Margot Sweater this month in Zephyr DK in Gull.

Also mentioned:
Cake - Satan Is My Motor
Neil Diamond
Grateful Dead
Smashmouth - All Star
Superman by Lazlo Bane
Hue Shift afghan
Stardew Valley
The Wire
Game of Thrones
Grey’s Anatomy
Pancake Sex Book Club
Izzy’s Etsy shop
Mochi Things – Better Together
Better Then Before by Gretchen Rubin


Episode 15: Ribbed for His Pleasure

July 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk with special guest Jeannie about spinning wheels, drop spindles, and how she became the Pima County Fair spinning champion!

Rosie is still working on the Peacock Shawl.
Amelia is binding off the Downton Abbey Shawl (YAY!)
Jeannie is making some 4x1 socks for her husband, cross-stitch patterns based on art nouveau by Mucha, and Hamilton costumes for her husband and son for Halloween.
Kayte finished the spiral scarf, finished the triceratops lovey, and is working on a pair of piggies.

Also mentioned:
The Mission System
Picot bind-off
Subversive Cross Stitch
Final Fantasy X
God of War
Stardew Valley
Hueshift afghan
Rigid heddle loom
Birdhouse Yarns
Seeley Booth
Tour de Fleece
Majacraft Little Gem
Drop Spindle
Navajo plying - on the wheelon a drop spindle
Hanson e Spinners
Babe spinning wheels
Tempe Yarn and Fiber
Grandma's Spinning Wheel
Beginning Spinning
Abby Franquemont
Spunky Eclectic - Amy King


Episode 14: Poking It into Soap

June 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk about keeping track of where we are in our patterns, apps we love or like or are thinking about trying, and have a lovely special guest, Mo!

Amelia made a Dustland hat by Stephen West.
Rosie is putting finishing touches on the Monster Butt pants, finished Sylvi (YAY!!!), did a counted cross-stitch tea towel, and is still working on the Peacock Shawl. Whew!
Kayte is working on a Spiral Scarf in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Bistro and a garter stitch scarf in Caron Jewel Box.
Mo is working on Hermione's Everyday Socks in Kroy Patons Socks Stripes, and is continuing to plug away on the gorgeous bamboo circular shawl called Tulpenkranz by Herbert Niebling in Aunt Lydia's Bamboo.

Also mentioned:
Fire Mountain Gems (and the referenced polymer clay video)
Grosgrain ribbon
Sashiko stitching
Latch hooking
Wool rug hooking
Locker hooking
Knit Companion app (for Apple products) - the basic version is free, and then there are upgrades you can purchase
Wooly app (also for Apple products) - $3.99
Pinterest and Pinterest app for Apple products or for Android - free
County app (free version) and a new County Plus for $1.62 that links to your Ravelry account! (both for Android devices)
XO Studio Clothing


Episode 13: Mounting My Cunt

May 1, 2016

Happy One-Year Anniversary to us!!!

To celebrate, we had our very first special guest, Beth!

Beth is working on a Color Affection Shawl in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity and a cabled beanie for her uncle.
Rosie is continuing to work on the Monster Butt Baby Leggings.
Amelia is plugging away at the Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-a-Long and hasn't cheated by looking ahead!
Kayte finished the baby set and is kind of working on (when not ripping out) the Cushy Sweater of Doom (OF DOOM) in Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Bouclé.

Also mentioned:
Knitter's Pride Karbonz (Carbon Fiber Needles)
Sari Sweater by Bethasaurus
Beth's Etsy page (if link does not work, the shop may not be open yet)
Singer sewing machines
Stitch Jones

This month's resource is a Craftsy class on Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home by Sarah Eyre! Clink on THIS LINK to save $15 off the cost of the class, which is half price - just for our listeners!!


Episode 12: Taut and Bouncy

April 1, 2016

This month's episode of On Pins and Needles covers all of our favorite tools, our particular brand affinities, and how tools make a difference to the process of crafting. We encourage you to share the tools you love with us on Facebook, Twitter, or by email!!

Amelia is still working on the Downton Abbey mystery Knit-a-Long using Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in Peacock.
Rosie needs to finish seaming the Garden Sweater, is working on Sylvi, and made some baby monster leggings
Kayte is scrambling to finish the baby socks and lovey before the baby comes.

Also mentioned:
Mary Maxim
Heather Lins Home (embroidery calendar)
Cut Lube (HA!)
Walking foot
Bernina (sewing machine)
Sewing gauge
Stitch ripper (or seam ripper)
Rotary cutter
Floss bobbins
See-through floss bin
Self-healing cutting mat
Magnetic board
Highlighter tape
Addi Turbo / Turbo Lace / Clicks
Magic Loop
Knit Picks
Hiya Hiya
IKEA rolling cart
Creative Memories
Notions bag
Straight cutter
Corner Rounder


Episode 11: Finding the Time

March 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk about finding the time to craft, words that encourage us to grow, and sticky resin.

Amelia is continuing work on her Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-A-Long that is NOT a circular shawl (surprise!!) using Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in Peacock.
Kayte is making baby socks with leftovers from her baby sweater in Ella Rae Cozy Soft.
Rosie is finishing up a project from a couple of years ago - Sylvi - in Knit Picks Cadena in Oregano (which they apparently no longer make).

Topic: Crafting Time Management

Also mentioned:
Knit Picks
Emma Bull
Brené Brown
Einstein coat


Episode 10: Tighten the Hole

February 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk about the dynamics of crafting groups, courageous friendships, and how it's important to stretch ourselves to do creative things that are uncomfortable for our mental and emotional well-being.

Amelia is working on a Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-A-Long that is a circular shawl using Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in Peacock
Rosie RIPPED OUT THE GARDEN SWEATER (we all cried on the inside a bit), to redo it using a different pattern.
Kayte is making a baby sweater called Newborn Vertebrae in Ella Rae Cozy Soft

Kayte needs your help! If you want to make a suggestion for her What's New for February, email her at kayte@cant-talk.com. :)

Also mentioned:
Jimmy Beans Wool
Magic methods (not actually magic loop as mentioned in the podcast): Magic Ring (circular cast-on for knitting) & Magic Ring (crochet)
Downton Abbey
Michaels Arts & Crafts
Red Heart Soft
Analysis Paralysis
Brené Brown 
Pearl Fiber Arts
Muppet Christmas Carol
Fire Mountain Gems


Episode 9: Where My Stitches At?

January 1, 2016

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk about the value of art, what it means to go "Cold Sheep" (and what loopholes exist in this paradigm), and what our crafting goals are for 2016.

Rosie almost done - ALMOST DONE - with the Garden Sweater, and will be picking up a forgotten Sylvi when she's done.
Amelia is working on various washcloths.
Kayte finished the Drop Stitch Scarf (finally!!) and is working on another Log Cabin Afghan in Bernat Mosaic, and on the Triceratops Lovey.

Check out our new sister podcast, The Crafting System!! Much love, you guys!

Also mentioned:
Lion Brand Homespun
Knit Picks Crayon
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Banana fiber yarn