Episode 22: They Come Pre-Hardened

February 1, 2017

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles, we talk about emotionally and physically seasoned cookware, knitworthy friends and family, and how we determine whether someone is deserving of a handmade item.

(Note: There's some staticky distortion in various places in the podcast that we were unable to remove. The offending cable has been sent to cable heaven and next month's podcast should be free from static - we hope).

Rosie is almost finished with Brunello in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. YAY!
Amelia is working on a Prayer Shawl in Universal Uptown Bulky Amplify.
Kayte is working on her Log Cabin in Bernat Mosaic, the Hue Shift Afghan in Brava Worsted, and is frogging the Color Affection Shawl in Capretta.

Also mentioned:
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Mod Podge
How to open and close jump rings
Garrison Keillor

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