Episode 17: The Foodening

September 1, 2016

(Trigger warning: this podcast discusses food, including food issues, which may be triggering to some listeners).

On this month's episode of On Pins and Needles we talk about food as art, food as craft, and food as a pain in the ass.

Rosie is almost finished with the Peacock Shawl (40 rows away from the end!).
Amelia finished her part of a round robin of the Daybreak shawl and is contemplating the Hue Shift Afghan as a next project.
Kayte is working on finishing some crochet blankets for a friend and will eventually re-swatch for the Margot Sweater.

Also mentioned:
Stitch Jones - Sharon Spence
Mitt Envy
Knotty gloves
Jared Flood
Stephen West
Knit Picks
Marble Chunky
Ten Stitch Afghan (rectangular and round)
Pop blanket
Lion Brand Pound of Love
Zephyr DK
Sharon Kay Penman
Diana Gabaldon
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Gordon Ramsay
Hell's Kitchen
Great British Bakeoff (and Sue Perkins)
Plan to Eat
Bento boxes